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wet rooms made more accessible for disabilities

When it comes to bathroom renovations, many clients make a choice to modify their existing bathroom into a wet room for disabled or elderly persons in the home. While there are many wet room designs, our mobility experts will help you create a safe and useful wet room that will fit your needs.

A wet room is a specially designed bathroom where everything in the space can get wet without being ruined. There is no need to step up and over a tub or HOB. In a wet room the shower is level with the rest of the floor. The water from the showerhead in a wet room drains away into a drain on the shower floor.

For extra safety, non-slip wet room flooring is the norm and additional modifications are available.

Why an Accessible Wet Room is Important

When you consider the fact that a significant number of accidents in the home happen in the bathroom, especially entering and exiting the tub, you can see why a well-designed wet room can make a huge difference for someone who has issues with mobility, balance, or strength.

At AccessAble Home Modifications, we offer a wide range of options for turning your bathroom into a wet room. These include but are not limited to:

  • Handrails and grab bars strategically installed to be helpful
  • Wheelchair accessible fixtures
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Supports around the toilet
  • Walk-in/ wheel-in shower
  • Detachable shower head
  • Built-in shower seat
  • Transfer bench

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Benefits Of

a Disabled Wet Room

a disabled wet room

Before making the renovation, you should look at the wet room bathroom pros and cons. There are many benefits to having a disabled wet room installed in your home. These include:

  • Extra safety
  • A sense of autonomy
  • Highly adaptable
  • Easy to clean
  • Totally waterproof (with proper installation)
  • Can increase the value of your home

The biggest downside to a wet room is that everything gets wet. Some creative in-wall storage options are available to make this less of an issue.

Why You Should Choose AccessAble Home Modifications

We are Perth’s most trusted and experienced team. Benefits of choosing us include:

  • We Use Universal Design Plans and Products – This means that all of our home modification projects will be accessible to people of all levels of mobility. You will not need to be concerned that we are creating a new barrier by removing another.
  • Professionally Reviewed Designs – We require all of our designs to get the approval of a registered occupational therapist. We do this because your safety is our top concern. No modifications begin until the plans have a professional’s endorsement.
  • NDIS Approved – AccessAble Home Modifications has approval from NDIS to make modifications on their projects.