Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

Senior -friendly and handicap-accessible bathroom.

There are numerous ways to make your bathroom more accessible. Making your bathroom more accessible increases its aesthetic appeal and enhances its safety. We’ve all had instances where we almost fell or did fall in the bathroom. This can sometimes be. You may hit your head on a hard surface and suffer a concussion. So how exactly can you make your bathroom more accessible? Read on to find out.


The Entrance

Your bathroom’s entrance should be wide enough for easy access. Most jurisdictions have a standard for commercial building bathrooms to allow easy access for persons with disabilities. However isn’t a requirement for homes and private residences. This said, making your bathroom accessible starts at the door. In case you need to, you can increase your entrance dimensions using swing-away hinges, removing the doorstop, installing a header bracket, or changing the jack studs.



Space to maneuver around the bathroom is important. This allows for easy use and access to items around the bathroom. If you feel claustrophobic in your bathroom, You probably need to rearrange the setting or expand its dimensions a bit. Having a bathroom that’s easy to maneuver is also safer for you. In case of an emergency, someone can easily get you out and attend to you.


Bath Bench

Having a bath bench in your bathroom could come in handy when you’re feeling tired. You can have it installed near the shower where you are most vulnerable. This could come in handy whenever fatigue kicks in, and you can also finish up cleaning while seated. For easier maneuverability, go for a bath bench that you can fold away. This will ensure it doesn’t take up much space around your bathroom. Bath benches come in different colours. You can go for a colour that best complements your bathroom’s theme colour.

Accessible shower with folding seat.


Non-Slip Floor

There are many cases of people slipping and falling in the bathroom. This is mostly caused by slippery surfaces due to soap and water. Children and older people are the most vulnerable when it comes to this. Non-slip floors are the best way to help combat bathroom accidents. There are a variety of non-slip floor designs that will blend well with your bathroom’s design. Ensure to have a professional do the installation. This is important, so you know they were installed correctly.


Night Light

Night lights are important for those nights you need to go but don’t want to disrupt someone’s sleep. Also, we all know how hitting your toes against hard surfaces can be painful. Having a night light or two around the house will help you maneuver easily to the bathroom while keeping you safe. Also, you might have a kid whose afraid of the dark. This will help them have the courage to go to the bathroom by themselves at night. Ensure to have a nightlight that’s bright enough for everyone to see but also non-glare, so it’s kind to the eyes.


Grab Bars

Grab bars can greatly improve your bathroom’s accessibility. The best part is you can have them customised to whatever design and colour you’d like. A grab bar near the bathtub can help increase accessibility while entering and exiting. This will also help avoid slippage since you have a point of support. Depending on how best they serve you, you can have the grab bar(s) mounted vertically or horizontally. A grab bar can also be used as a toilet paper holder. You can also use it as a towel holder. Ensure to have it installed where it’s most convenient for you. Your grab bar should also be antislip for better support and grip. For grab bars around the bathtub and shower, ensure they support 120 kg of weight.

Elderly woman holding onto grab bar in the bathroom.


Light Sensors

Having light sensors instead of traditional light switches around the bathroom helps improve accessibility. Whenever you walk into the bathroom, they will automatically switch on. Therefore, you don’t need to wander around searching for the switch. This is also helpful for persons with disabilities since the switches are sometimes placed too high for them. Also, your friends don’t have to waste time looking for the switch when they want to use your bathroom. Having light sensors in your bathroom also enhances your safety. After you’re done taking a shower, you don’t have to flip a switch after you leave. This helps minimise the risk of electric shock since your hands could still be wet from the water.


Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers are convenient since they are easy to access. Anyone can use them due to their simplistic and accessible design. This increases your bathroom’s utility. Also, walking showers are relatively cheaper compared to other shower options making them ideal for most people. A walk-in shower is also easier to clean since it has fewer components. Its open design also supports maneuverability. Most walk-in showers are spacious, but some are limited in space. That said, in case you want to share a shower with someone, these are the best option. Just ensure it’s spacious enough to fit in.


Height Adjustments

Items should be easy to reach and access within your bathroom. If this isn’t the case, you can find out the optimal reach height for members of your household and have a height adjustment. This can be from the toilet’s height to mirrors and compartments within your bathroom. Doing this will ensure everyone in your home can easily use and access everything in the bathroom.

Man in a wheel chair wiping his face with a towel.


Proper Lighting

Your bathroom should have sufficient lighting all around. Having a well-lit bathroom helps to identify items easily and can also help prevent accidents. Compartments in your bathroom should be well-lit and easily accessible. This will save you time and effort, especially when you’re in a hurry. Your guests will also have an easier time in the bathroom when it’s well-lit.


Common Items

It is important to have common items within reach in your bathroom. This will help with organisation, and your guest will have an easier time in the bathroom. These items can be shampoos, hand wash, toilet paper and anything that’s frequently used in the bathroom.


Digital Hot Water

Digital hot water helps keep the water at a specific temperature. This helps prevent scalding from hot water. You can have the water at a comfortable temperature for everyone to ensure safety. For any issues with hot water systems such as temperature fluctuations, cold showers, and more contact experts in hot water servicing and repairs like Provista Plumbing.

Bathroom accessibility is important for you and your guest. A few changes in your bathroom can make a significant difference. It is important to work with a professional and ensure the bathroom is customised to your needs. Also, be sure to source your materials from verified dealers to get quality materials and your money’s worth.