Universal Design Fixtures and Practices

AccessAble Home Modifications employs Universal Design fixtures and practices in all of our Accessibility Projects. In general, Universal Design (also referred to as Inclusive Design and related to Barrier-Free concepts) refers to the idea that environments should be inherently accessible to elderly, disabled, and non-disabled persons alike without sacrificing style or aesthetics.

In other words, instead of designing rooms that look like hospital rooms that are sterile and unappealing, we design spaces that are both accessible and stylish.

So How Do We Incorporate
Universal Design Into Your Accessibility Project?

Minimise Impact to Existing Décor and Floor Plan:

Once our Accessibility Experts understand your exact needs and what modifications and safety features will be necessary, they work with our Design Team to implement. Our goal is to make the space fully accessible to your specific needs while other users are barely aware (or totally unaware) of any of the safety features.

We Use Universal Design Fixtures on All Accessibility Projects: AccessAble Home Modifications

AccessAble Home Modification experts only install high quality Universal Design fixtures, appliances, and safety features. In doing so, we minimise the impact to your existing décor and help ensure the space is accessible for disabled, elderly and non-disabled users alike.

Maximise Floor Space and Minimise Clutter:

Universal Design spaces tend to be more open, free from clutter, and functional. Although we do design to suit your existing floor plan, our Accessibility Experts will work to maximise your floor space and reduce unnecessary clutter wherever possible to improve safety, aesthetics, and mobility.

* On smaller projects, a full 3D Design may not be possible but we will provide visual representations of completed space.

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