Why Occupational Therapists Review All of Our Accessibility Designs

At AccessAble Home Modifications, all of our Accessibility Designs and eventual projects are fully reviewed and approved by an Occupational Therapist before any work begins. We understand that you don’t want your life to stop just because of age, injury, or disability. That is why we truly take the time to speak with you about your exact situation, needs, and goals for the completed space.

We Consult With Occupational Therapists for
3 Very Important Reasons:


Occupational Therapists Are Trained Accessibility Experts​

Occupational Therapists have years of experience and training in understanding both physical and functional manifestations of illness, injuries, or growing old. We rely on their expertise to help ensure our custom solutions truly accommodate the specific needs of our clients.​


Occupational Therapists Know Which Modifications and Safety Features Are Necessary:

You don’t need EVERY accessibility feature or modification possible to make a space safe and functional. You just need the accessibility features and modifications necessary to help you given your specific situation, and that’s where our Occupational Therapist comes in. By reviewing your base information, the OT will help us determine which specific modifications and features you need to make the room or home fully accessible.


Keep Costs Down:

By concentrating only on the modifications and safety features/equipment you truly need, our OT helps keep costs down while ensuring you have everything you need to make any space safe and fully accessible.

Find Out What Our Team of
Accessibility Experts Can Do For You!

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