What Is a

Shower Hob?

bathroom shower hob

For those unfamiliar with the term, a hob is a small step/plinth fitted at the bottom of many showers, and typically has a showerscreen on top of it. It is usually built from brick, and is tiled over.

Its purpose is to keep sewage inside the shower if a house ever has a problem with back flow, rather than spewing out into the bathroom and adjoining rooms. However, backflow can also be eliminated by installing a reflux valve , which is what we do when a hob is removed.

While a hob is very much a positive in regard to potential plumbing issues, it is a massive negative in regard to mobility, especially when other options are available to replace the need for a hob.

Why Remove a Shower HOB?

Even though shower hobs can be useful in many homes, they pose a real barrier for some. Think about an older adult who has limited mobility and balance problems. Trying to step over a hob would be difficult and quite dangerous. The same is true for those with other mobility challenges.

bathroom with removed shower hob

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How Will This


bathroom with removed shower hob

There are quite a few benefits to having a shower without a hob. These include:

  • Removing the shower hob allows access to those with balance issues
  • Those who need to use a shower chair with wheels can easily get into the shower
  • When a shower hob is removed, the risk of tripping is eliminated
  • Accessibility to the shower allows more people who struggle with mobility to live independently
  • Other helpful mobility devices will fit into the shower if the hob is gone

For some people who struggle with their mobility, the shower is quite frightening. An action such as stepping over the hob to get in the shower may seem simple to those without mobility or balance problems. However, it can be the cause of a debilitating fall for those with difficulties.

Shower hob removal requires professionals to do the job properly and safely. Contact us to schedule a safety audit for your bathroom, and learn more about how we are making the home a safe and accessible place for everyone.