When people ask, “What is the best part of your job as someone who modifies homes?” The answer is always easy and has yet to change, “Knowing that at the end of our project, we made a positive difference in someone’s life.”

That is the cornerstone of our business at AccessAble Home Modifications. We use our skills and talents to modify a home and change someone’s life when our work is done.

Our Latest

Accessible Shower Renovation

A home care provider approached us about doing a modification for one of their clients. Her mobility problems restricted her to a wheelchair most of the time, and unfortunately, her abilities were declining.

The client and her husband want to remain in their home for as long as possible an adult son lives with them to assist with daily needs. Professional caregivers are in charge of other aspects of care

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Creating Safety From

A Dangerous Situation

The issue needing modification was the main shower. The client sits in a shower commode, and her caregiver showers her on the bathroom floor. This is because the client is not able to step over the hob (step) at the edge of her shower, and her caregiver cannot wheel the commode over the hob.

An enclosed shower screen is another obstacle the client faces while sitting in a shower commode, as it also hampers her mobility. Not only is showering in the bathroom unsafe, but it also creates extra hazards.

  • The water pools on the bathroom floor and splashes all over the bathroom. Not everyone realises the drain in a bathroom floor is made for emergency flooding. Water does not always fall to the drain.
  • The caregiver must remove water from the bathroom floor and clean the shower’s mess. This diverts the caregiver’s attention from the client, which is unsafe.
  • The wet tiles on the bathroom floor become excessively slippery. The carer, the client’s husband, or son could easily slip and sustain an injury.


Project Objectives

  • Remove the shower screen that obstructs mobility and replace it with a custom-made shower screen/shower curtain combination
  • Remove the shower hob to eliminate the obstruction it causes
  • Retile the shower floor and walls because the shower flooring was higher than the bathroom floor (this is not standard for every hob removal and is situational)
  • Replace the traditional taps with lever taps because lever taps are more manageable for those with arthritis or loss of hand strength to use
  • Remove the shower head and replace it with an integrated grab rail shower hose system. The new shower head is adjustable and can be raised or lowered to various heights. Additionally, the shower head works as a hose when removed from its cradle. This makes rinsing much more manageable. Because the system has an integrated grab rail, it is safer than standard shower rails. Integrated rails can tolerate more weight and will not pull out of the wall like a typical shower railing. So, the client can safely use it for balance or to pull herself up.

Our Safety Features


  • The limited availability of some materials is a challenge when working in some homes. The 30-year-old shower tile would have been nearly impossible to match with any tile on the market today. Fortunately, the client had a supply of extra tiles, and our talented tradies installed them, creating a seamless finish.
  • Our team spent approximately eight working days on the project. The main hurdle was the extended drying time for the screed, render, and waterproofing. Additionally, because the shower screen is a custom-made piece, we could not get measurements until after completing the tiling.

Happy Clients

The Final Result

Our client is much happier and safer now that her shower modifications are complete. She can use the shower on her own if necessary. She is looking forward to more alterations in the future to make her home even safer and easier to navigate.

Showers and bathrooms are frequently key areas determining whether elderly homeowners can safely stay in their homes. In this case, the client is safe in her own home while remaining safe and secure.

If you or someone you know struggles with the activities of daily living or is no longer safe in their home because of mobility problems, please reach out to us at AccessAble Home Modifications. We are happy to answer questions or schedule a home visit to determine what can be modified to ensure everyone’s safety.