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While most people are familiar with handrails, their importance is often not accentuated enough. It is well known that handrails assist the elderly, injured, and disabled. We can install handrails in your kitchen, bathroom and other areas of your home to improve mobility.

How Handrails Can Help

For a person experiencing balance problems, diminished ability to stand for periods of time, difficulty in rising, or issues with walking, simple acts like getting out of bed or stepping into the backyard can become terrifying.

Professionally installed handrails can help offer support as well as an improved sense of safety. Our mobility experts can install handrails in vital areas of your home. This can give you a feeling of confidence when moving about your home.

elderly woman holding handrail bathroom



After we assess your needs, we can complete the following


Handrails for entryways and stairs


Safety Rails for the toilet area


Handrails installed in the tub and shower areA


Why Choose Accessable Home Modifications

The mobility professionals here at AccessAble Home Modifications have over seven years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients whose lives have improved.

Our team of professionals understands that you want the job done right, but you also want it done efficiently. You can rest assured that the AccessAble Home Modifications installation team will not tear apart your home then disappear for weeks.

We use Universal Design Plans and Products to ensure that people with all levels of mobility can safely navigate your home. All of our designs are approved by a registered occupational therapist prior to any work starts. Additionally, we are NDIS approved to complete any funded project in a timely and safe manner.