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It is disturbing that senior citizens and those with mobility challenges can expect to find more significant struggles searching for inclusive housing. However, there is a growing trend towards home modifications for seniors and those with physical limitations.

Many of the most significant barriers to independence and safety for mobility challenged people are centred in the home. By modifying an existing home, the person needing extra help will be able to stay in their home and have the independence they crave.

Our refurbishing of homes is not just for the elderly citizens, AccessAble Home Modifications, we are pleased to work with grants for home modifications for the disabled.

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The General Modifications We Offer


Door Widening

Entryways and doorways are frequent challenges for those who depend on wheelchairs. Limited mobility keeps those with challenges stuck at home and makes regular outings nearly impossible. Our team can use the latest techniques to offer home-bound freedom and safety.




While handrails are a well-known safety feature in the bathroom, we install them in various locations around the house. Since they do not require much space, we can install handrails wherever extra leverage or balance is helpful.



Grab Bars

While extremely helpful, grab bars must be installed correctly at the appropriate angle as well as in the right way to support its user’s weight safely. Additionally, considering the user’s height and other physical limitations is vital for grab bars to be safe and effective.




If you have ever struggled to get a walker or wheelchair through a doorway, you can understand how essential ramps can be for ensuring safe and smooth mobility. Not only do the ramps need to be quite durable, but they also need to be installed at the correct grade for them to be helpful.


We can help

We are the experts in home modifications in the Perth Area, from door widening to wet rooms, railings and ramps, we can create the accessible home you need.

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Why Choose

AccessAble Home Modifications?

For seven years, our expert team at AccessAble Home Modifications has changed the lives of those who need adapted kitchens for the disabled. Our accessibility experts create individualised modification plans geared to eliminate barriers for our clients.


Our professionals are experts at creating a safe and pleasant environment for clients. We have safe and practical disabled kitchen ideas that maintain the look of your home.

NDIS Approved

AccessAble Home Modifications can complete any NDIS- funded project in a safe and efficient manner.

Professional Design Review

A registered occupational therapist must look over and approve all our custom design plans before our team starts working.

Fast Installation

Our professionals do the job with expert efficiency; we do not start our modifications on your home and disappear for days.

We Use Universal Design Plans and Products in ALL Accessibility Modifications

Our team uses Universal Design Plans and Products to ensure that your home is inclusive for those with or without mobility issues.