Why Should You

Widen Doors?

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It is easy to be unaware of the numerous barriers those who are mobility challenged face on a daily basis. Activities many take for granted, like entering the bathroom unassisted, or eating dinner in the dining room with the family, are all but impossible for many who struggle with mobility issues. The same is true for spending time outdoors or being able to take a trip to the doctor.

In addition to freedom and accessibility, narrow doorways are dangerous. An older person or someone with mobility issues may become trapped if a fire breaks out because the doors are not wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

Fortunately, in many cases, simply widening a doorway can open up a world of freedom to someone dependent on a wheelchair or a walker.

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Benefits of Widening Doorways

To those with mobility struggles, there are numerous benefits to having an expert widen the doorways. These include:

  • Ease of movement through the home
  • An increased sense of independence and capability
  • Preventing falls and other serious injuries
  • Making it possible to go outdoors and indoors without help
  • A potential selling point down the road because as the population ages, barrier-free homes will likely be an option that attracts buyers or renters
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Why Would You Widen Your Doors?

There are quite a few reasons to widen doorways in the Perth area. Some of these include the comfort, safety, and mobility of those who depend on wheelchairs or walkers.

Removing physical barriers is not the only reason widening doors is an intelligent choice. In many circumstances, limited mobility can lead to emotional struggles, in addition to the physical limitations.

Widening a doorframe that leads to a stable pathway is essential for those who are dependent on wheelchairs and other ways to assist walking. Additionally, choosing to widen the garage door opening can make entering and exiting much safer.

Not being able to move through your own home is exceptionally frustrating and demoralising. There are times when the desire to be autonomous outweighs the conventional wisdom of safety, leading to painful consequences.

The inability to go outdoors is upsetting to many people who struggle with their mobility. This sort of aggravation can lead to depression and despair, especially among at-risk populations.

We can help

If you are looking for door widening in your Perth home, we can help. Whether you need to move through your home more easily or make access easier, our door widening services are perfect for you.

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Why Choose AccessAble Homes

For more than seven years, our mobility specialists have improved the lives and enhanced the safety for many senior citizens and disabled persons. Our professionals are skilled tradespeople who understand how vital thorough work in an efficient manner is to our clients.

Additionally, a registered occupational therapist reviews and approves all of our modifications. No renovations happen without this approval. We pride ourselves on working with Universal Design Plans in all of our accessibility modifications. This ensures that our changes will accommodate people of all mobility levels.

Here at AccessAble Home Modifications, we are pleased to say that our work is NDIS approved. We can complete any NDIS- funded project in a timely and safe manner.