What Are

Toilets for the Disabled?

Accessible (or disabled) toilets are designed to increase access to toilets for those with movement issues and those who need wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

Some features include higher toilet bowls to make standing and transferring to a wheelchair safer and more manageable, wider doors that open in, and levers to make flushing simpler.

While most public buildings are required to have accessible toilet facilities, many Australians struggle with toileting in their homes. Renovations to make private bathrooms accessible are becoming common as the elderly, and the disabled try to maintain their independence by staying in their homes

What Are The

Benefits of Accessible Toilets?

Having access to a disabled toilet helps those with mobility difficulties in several ways including:

How to Tell if You Need a Disabled Toilet

  • You are not able to stand or sit without assistance. You experience unexpected bouts of dizziness
  • You often feel unsafe while on the toilet without another person nearby
  • You struggle to get through the bathroom door
  • You have already fallen one or more times while using the toilet
  • You have fallen in other areas of your home
  • You no longer feel safe using the bathroom if no one else is there
  • You have talked with your doctor about your concerns, and he or she has suggested an accessible toilet for your home

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