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Bathrooms pose many challenges for those with mobility issues. The presence of slick surfaces that are frequently damp turns a quick trip to the bathroom into a potentially dangerous experience.

You may already know that the bathroom is where most in-home accidents happen. A specific problem for many people is getting in and out of the shower.

Those with mobility problems and the elderly struggle the most and are frightened to shower because they fear falling. Being afraid to shower is no way for anyone to live. Fortunately, renovating showers to make them fully accessible is a common practice.

A disabled shower removes the dangerous impediments found in typical bathrooms. Additionally, modifications include features for ease of access and improved stability. Showers will have non-slip surfaces, and conveniently placed grab bars as standard features. Other enhancements will vary based on individual circumstances and mobility needs.

Types Of


Based on our accessibility assessment of your bathroom, our team may recommend one or more of the following types of modifications.

shower modifications walk in shower
Walk-in shower

Depending on your degree of mobility, making your shower a walk-in might be a more significant help than you can imagine. Entering and exiting your shower with no edges to navigate over is crucial for your safety.

bathroom with shower ramp for the disabled
Shower Ramp for the Disabled

Very much like the walk-in shower, a shower with a ramp makes accessing the shower a lot easier. A manageable incline is a key to this modification.

shower chair on wheels
Shower Chair on Wheels

For some people, a walk-in shower does not provide enough assistance. If walking into the shower is a problem, you may need to consider a shower chair on wheels. These come in many varieties. From simple water-resistant and mesh chairs to reclining water-resistant transport chairs, we can help you find the best option for you.

elderly woman sitting on disabled shower seat
Disabled Shower Seat

There are a number of styles of accessible shower seats. Aside from individual preference, it is vital that the seat fits well in the area where it is used and that the person using the seat does not exceed the seat’s maximum weight.

disabled folding shower seat
Disabled Folding Shower Seat

A shower seat that folds out of the way is very helpful, especially when space is an issue. This shower seat will take very little space and can be tucked into a corner until needed.

wall-mounted disabled shower seat
Disabled Shower Seat Wall Mounted

An option that many of our clients like is the wall-mounted shower seat. These usually come in styles that are folded against the wall when not in use and those that sit open.

shower head for disabled person
Shower Head for Disabled Person

Many people with limited mobility benefit from handheld shower attachments. Some include a wall-mounted attachment as well. The best ones have settings for water pressure and easy to use controls.

disabled shower rail
Disabled Shower Rail

Shower rails and grab bars are critical for safety. There are several types. Some are wall-mounted others are moveable.

bathroom with installed accessible shower

Benefits of Installing an
Accessible Shower

Naturally, the most significant benefit to having a modified shower is the sense of safety for those with mobility problems. Additional benefits include,

  • Trust in the product to function well with no unpleasant surprises
  • Peace of mind for family members or caregivers
  • Increase or maintain freedom for those who struggle with mobility
  • Easy to clean materials and layouts
  • Convenient for all family members to use
  • An alert button if a problem happens

How We Can Help

After you contact us, an AccessAble Home Modifications expert will inspect your shower area and create a plan that will give you safe access to your shower. Additionally, we will address other necessary safety features in your bathroom.

The professionals at AccessAble Home Modification have 7+ years of experience installing disabled showers in Western Australia. We will focus on what you need and want as we make an accessibility plan. The final step in planning is to get the approval of a Registered Occupational Therapist.

woman helping man move in wheelchair

We will avoid disrupting your home as much as possible as we install your accessible shower. We pride ourselves in a job well done, and a job completed quickly.