Disabled Shower Accessibility

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Disabled shower accessibility needs vary depending on the specific requirements of the person using it. Our Accessibility Experts will design, plan and execute just about any fully accessible/disabled shower project in just about any space required.  When complete you can rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are safe and secure.

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Disabled Shower Installation Services

During your Free Phone Consultation, our Accessibility Expert will ask you a few questions about your exact needs and budget. Based on your answers and budget, you may eligible for our $99 In Home Consultation and Design Service. Call Now to get yourself on the path to easier living at home.

Available Services

We fully customise your bathroom to suit your exact needs, budget and floor plan. So if you don’t see a service you need listed, just call 1300 GETACCESS or 0411967989 and ask!

Making Your Home Safe and Fully Accessible is As Easy As 1-2-3!

*Please Note: On smaller projects, a full 3D Design may not be possible but we will provide visual representations of completed space.