Differences Between a Wet Room and a Traditional Bathroom

What Is a Wet Room?

A wet room is a bathroom that has an open floor plan. A standard wet room has a shower with no entry barriers. The toilet and sink are typically suspended from the walls, and in some cases, a free-standing tub is a part of the wet room. Some wet rooms have partial walls that are in place to help contain the splashing and water flow, however these are kept to a minimum if they are used at all.

Generally, wet rooms are well suited for the elderly or those with balance or mobility issues. The fact that the entire room is fully waterproof and there are no barriers to the shower and other fixtures, is what makes wet rooms so good for people with mobility issues. Grab bars, shower seats, and unique, easy-to-use fixtures are favourite additions to a wet room.

A renovation of a bathroom into a wet room is a far more technical undertaking, and is by no means a simple DIY renovation. A skilled and experienced renovation team is a necessity for this type of change.

Modern bathroom.

What is a Traditional Bathroom?

A traditional bathroom is usually a room with a toilet, sink, vanity a shower, bathtub, or shower and bath combination. The walls and floors may have tile, but the tub and shower area are the only waterproof space.

Some traditional bathrooms can achieve the comfortable open feeling of a wet room, but more often not they are severely limited from an accessibility viewpoint. This tends to happen more easily in bathrooms with more space than in a smaller bathroom with cramped space.

Traditional bathroom.

Similarities Between a Wet Room and a Traditional Bathroom

  • Both are crucial spaces in the home
  • They have similar fixtures such as toilets, sinks, showers, and vanities
  • Both wet rooms and traditional bathrooms can have a similar aesthetic style
  • Both can add a significant amount of value to your home after renovation
  • Upkeep to prevent mildew or mould is crucial
  • Tubs are a viable option for both traditional bathrooms and wet rooms

Differences Between a Wet Room and a Traditional Bathroom

  • Specialised waterproof materials are vital for a wet room. A traditional bathroom limits the spread of water, keeping it in the tub or shower enclosure with hobs etc.
  • The plumbing and tiling require work done to exacting specifications if the room is to be done correctly. A traditional bathroom uses barriers to control water.
  • Appropriate non-slip surfaces are necessary for the entire wet room. While this is also important in traditional bathrooms, the spread of water and therefore potential for slipping isn’t as great.
  • Regulations for electrical fixtures are more stringent in wet rooms. In a standard bathroom there are barriers such as showerscreens to prevent issues with light switches and powerpoints.
  • Renovating a wet room can cost more than remodelling a traditional bathroom. The extra waterproofing and plumbing requiremtns, as well as skill level of the tradesmen is usually the reason for the cost difference.

Do I Have to Have Mobility Problems to Get the Benefits of a Wet Room?

Wet rooms are a trendy design element that have received global popularity in recent years. Many homes where residents enjoy excellent mobility have wet rooms. They are stylish, easy to care for, and are great ways to upgrade a traditional bathroom.

The way a wet room adds the element of accessibility makes the feature doubly impressive. Whether you have a health issue that limits your movement, are an older person who has trouble stepping over a low barrier, or are recovering from a significant injury, a wet room can help you to keep your independence. A variety of modifications are possible.

In addition to adding a fancy modern look to a home, wet rooms can be a fantastic addition for someone who struggles with mobility. AccessAble Homes has seen many cases where renovating a traditional bathroom into a wet room has a genuine life-changing impact. Once barriers are gone, the home’s resident can safely maintain their independence.

Accessible wet room.

If you have questions regarding AccessAble Homes wet room renovations or if you would like more information regarding a renovation, contact AccessAble Homes. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you learn what is necessary to make an informed decision.