What is a

Kitchen Cupboard Insert?

While the kitchen is known as the heart of the home, the kitchen can be a frustrating and sometimes dangerous place for those with mobility issues. To enhance independence and help prevent accidents, AccessAble Home Modifications can install our kitchen cupboard inserts.


How Can

Kitchen Cupboard Inserts Work for You?

man in wheelchair in kitchen made more accessible

Our kitchen cupboard inserts fit inside the cupboard much like traditional shelves. They are designed to bring items on the shelves within reach by pulling them down. When not in use, the insert returns to its position inside the cupboard.

We also have pull-out basket-like inserts for lower kitchen cabinets. These allow access to items that would typically require bending and reaching at floor level.

If you or a loved one struggles with navigating the kitchen without help, contact AccessAble Home Modifications. Our staff are committed to creating a barrier-free kitchen for you.

We can help

Does your kitchen work for you? Installing kitchen cupboard inserts could make your kitchen easier to live with. Trust Perth’s expert team.

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Make Your Kitchen More Usable

It may be difficult to imagine the daily struggles of someone with mobility issues. Things that come easily to most, like reaching a can of soup from the cupboard and a pan to heat it, can be nearly impossible.

The various grabbing devices available can be helpful. However, these devices can’t do the job for heavy objects or those too far to reach.

Kitchen cupboard inserts are among the most helpful kitchen products for the disabled and elderly. They have numerous benefits for those who struggle in the kitchen. These include:

  • Make independence possible
  • Prevent falls from step stools
  • Keep benchtops free from clutter
  • Prevent strains and sprains that happen when trying to reach things
  • Maintain the look of the kitchen
woman in kitchen modified for elderly or disabled accessibility

How do We Work?

At AccessAble Home Modifications, our customers and their well-being are the top priority. We understand that kitchens can be extremely challenging for the elderly and those with limited mobility, and we know the best options in kitchen aids for the disabled. Additionally,


We Can Install Cupboard Inserts in Existing Cabinets – There is no need to remove your kitchen cabinets. Our team can install cupboard inserts in the cabinets already hanging in your kitchen.


We Design and Build Cupboard Inserts into New Cabinets – If you prefer new cabinets, the AccessAble Home Modifications team can build cupboards with inserts.


We Build to Suit Your Exact Needs, Budget, and Floor Plan – We know that each person has unique needs. That is why we do not push our customers into one-size-fits-all design plans.


We Provide Fast and Professional Installation – Our team will work as efficiently as possible to get the job done quickly in order to prevent extended interruptions in your home.

Why Choose

AccessAble Home Modifications?

For seven years, our expert team at AccessAble Home Modification has changed the lives of those who need adapted kitchens for the disabled. Our accessibility experts create individualised modification plans geared to eliminate barriers for our clients.


We are experts at creating a safe environment for clients. We have safe and practical disabled kitchen ideas that maintain the look of your home.

NDIS Approved

AccessAble Home Modifications can complete any NDIS- funded project in a safe and efficient manner.

Professional Design Review

A registered occupational therapist must look over and approve all our custom design plans before our team starts working.

Fast Installation

Our professionals do the job with expert efficiency; we do not start our modifications on your home and disappear for days.

We Use Universal Design Plans and Products in ALL Accessibility Modifications

Our team uses Universal Design Plans and Products to ensure that your home is inclusive for those with or without mobility issues.