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Senior -friendly and handicap-accessible bathroom.

Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

There are numerous ways to make your bathroom more accessible. Making your bathroom more accessible increases its aesthetic appeal and enhances its safety. We’ve all had instances where we almost fell or did fall in the bathroom. This can sometimes be. You may hit your head on a hard surface and suffer a concussion. So…

Adapting your bathroom to make it more accessible will help you live more safely and securely.

6 Plumbing Features to Make Your Life Easier

Often, when you think of home modifications to improve accessibility, ramps, wider doors, and other ways to remove obstacles come to mind. While these are crucial for enhanced safety and independent living, plumbing features to assist with strength and mobility struggles are critical. The team at AccessAble Home Modifications knows how to assess your strengths…

Handrails are a crucial part of any accessible home or building.

Custom Made Handrails for Steps: Inside and Out

Most people do not need to consider the danger of steps and uneven surfaces as they go through their day. However, for those who experience challenges to their mobility, seemingly minor details often make a world of difference. Handrails for steps are a prime example of this concept.

older wheelchair user

Adding Rubber Ramps to Your Doorways

If you struggle with mobility issues or care about someone who does, you know the challenges of getting in and out of doors. What seems like an insignificant height difference at an entryway or a small step down to an alfresco area can be frustrating at best and dangerous at worst.

Wheelchair ramp

What You Need to Know About Wheelchair Ramps

The world brings more challenges to someone who must use a wheelchair, especially if the chair is a long-term addition to daily life. Going up or down the stairs is one of the greatest struggles experienced by those with limited mobility. When stairs lead into and out of the home, there is a massive loss…

tiles in disabled bathroom

Three Types of Flooring for Accessible Bathrooms That You Need to Consider

Every home modification is as unique as the homeowner requesting it. Not every accessibility issue needs a full-on renovation to make the home safe and fully accessible. Many customers are surprised to learn that a flooring change can make a massive difference, especially in the bathroom. While most people judge flooring by appearance alone, the…

Hand of elderly woman holding on to handrail.

Handrails Guide: 5 Benefits of Accessible Hand Rails

If you have ever struggled with balance or rising from a seated position, then you know how useful it is to have a handrail nearby. Adding handrails can make a significance regarding the well-being of someone who finds moving challenging. Falls, near-falls, and fear of falling all top the list of concerns when determining if…

Modern bathroom.

Differences Between a Wet Room and a Traditional Bathroom

What Is a Wet Room? A wet room is a bathroom that has an open floor plan. A standard wet room has a shower with no entry barriers. The toilet and sink are typically suspended from the walls, and in some cases, a free-standing tub is a part of the wet room. Some wet rooms have partial…

accessible shower

Four Smart Ways to Improve Your Shower Safety

If you or someone you love struggles with mobility or balance problems, you likely understand the fear and frustration that accompany seemingly ordinary activities. According to insurance experts, the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the home. The nature of the bathroom, slippery surfaces, accumulated water, and the need to step in and out of…

Disabled woman in the kitchen.

5 Tips to Improve Accessibility in the Kitchen

In most homes, the kitchen is the central hub of the home where the family gathers. However, for those with mobility, balance, or sight problems, the kitchen is a dangerous place filled with difficulties and potential accidents waiting to happen. Regardless of the reason for the difficulty, the inability to safely function in the kitchen…