Dealing with mobility and accessibility difficulties can feel frightful and overwhelming. This is especially true if you have had a few close calls where a fall nearly happened, or you have experienced an accident.

Having experts available to help make your home safer and make you feel more secure brings a great deal of relief to those with mobility struggles. This is why AccessAble Home Modifications exists. To help those who struggle with mobility issues remain safe and independent.

Who are AccessAble Home Modifications?

AccessAble Home Modifications is a team of mobility experts and experienced professionals dedicated to creating the safest and most accessible living spaces for anyone with mobility challenges.

We use the latest methods to assess individuals’ needs and remove the barriers that can create daily struggles. All clients receive individual modification plans designed around their needs, wants, and budgets.

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approved for ndis bathroom modification project


We are proud to be NDIS approved. Many people mistakenly believe that a contractor selected by the government must work on an NDIS project. However, this is not the case. You have the right to choose your contractor. AccessAble Home Modifications is licensed and insured to complete any NDIS-funded project, and you are free to choose us as your contractor.

Guided by Occupational Therapists

At AccessAble Home Modifications, all of our plans for adding accessibility equipment or remodelling features in your home go to a registered occupational therapist for approval. No renovations begin in your home without the occupational therapist giving their approval for the work.

You can feel confident that our professionals are working under the guidance of experts who spend their lives helping others maintain independence and removing barriers to mobility.

Elderly lady guided with the help of occupational therapist

Why Choose AccessAble Homes

There are many great reasons to choose AccessAble Home Modifications. Here are several,


Perth Locals

AccessAble Home Modifications have served Perth and its vicinity as exclusive accessibility modification experts for over seven years.



Specialising in residential and commercial accessibility allows us to improve the lives of scores of people who struggle with mobility due to illness, disability, injury, or the aging process.



We work with mobility experts to customise individualised accessibility solutions for our clients. We do not try to push you into a one-size-fits-most plan.


Universal Design

All of our modifications use Universal Design fixtures and practices. We do this to ensure your new space is fully functional for everyone, seniors, people with disabilities, and those without mobility challenges.


NDIS Projects

AccessAble Home Modifications is qualified to complete any NDIS-funded project. (Many people are misinformed and believe contractors recommended by the government must do these projects.) Our experts are pleased to work with you and answer your questions regarding this financing option.



We pay attention to your wants and needs as well as your budget, and we use these to guide our plans.


AccessAble Homes Modifications

At AccessAble Home Modifications, we know that the changes we offer require some thought and planning. So, if you have concerns or would like more information, feel free to reach out to us.